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Performance Upgrades

Drive Beyond Limits with Woodward Upgrades

Elevate your driving experience to unparalleled heights with Woodward Performance’s suite of performance upgrades. Our bespoke offerings are meticulously tailored to extract every drop of potential from your vehicle. Explore the avenues through which we infuse a new life into machines:

Engine Enhancements

Dive into an ocean of possibilities with our comprehensive engine upgrades:

Induction Systems:

Enhance airflow with cold air intakes, throttle bodies, and more.

Headers & Exhaust:

Breathe new life with upgraded exhaust systems for improved flow and sound.

Fuel Delivery:

Ensure optimal performance with advanced fuel delivery mechanisms.

Ignition Systems:

Spark a new era of responsiveness and efficiency.


Modify the heartbeat of your engine for maximized power delivery.

Underdrive Pulleys:

Achieve efficient power usage and reduced parasitic losses.

Forced Induction Upgrades

Boost your engine’s performance by leveraging the power of forced induction:

Positive Displacement Superchargers:

Experience immediate throttle response and unparalleled power throughout the RPM range.

Centrifugal Superchargers:

Elevate RPM performance with linear power delivery.

Turbo Kits:

Explore non-customized solutions that provide exponential power boosts.

Additional Upgrades:

A plethora of accessories to further optimize forced induction systems.

Transmission Overhauls

Swap & Replacement:

Equip your ride with state-of-the-art transmission systems for seamless shifting experiences.


Facilitate smooth power transfer and improved drive dynamics.


Optimize energy storage and delivery.

Torque Converters:

Enhance torque and power transmission.


Step up gear transitions with precision-engineered shifters.

Driveline Refinements


Achieve optimal power transmission with our robust driveshaft solutions.


Strengthen the backbone of power delivery to the wheels.

Differential Upgrades:

Enhance power distribution and control for improved traction.

Rear Gears:

Optimize the drive ratio for maximized performance and efficiency.

Brake System Solutions

Big Brake Kits:

Upgrade to larger, more responsive braking systems.

Rotor & Pad Replacement:

Ensure maximum braking efficiency with optimal components.

Line Lock Kits:

Hold the front brakes for burnouts without engaging the rear.

Suspension Systems

Lowering Kits:

Enhance vehicle stance and center of gravity for better handling.

Airlift Suspension:

Experience adjustable ride heights for a customized driving experience.

Springs, Shocks, & Struts:

Ensure optimal ride comfort and performance dynamics.

Control Arms & Subframe:

Reinforce structural integrity and improve handling dynamics.


Achieve precise ride height adjustments with integrated shocks and springs.

From minor adjustments to major overhauls, Woodward Performance is your trusted partner in vehicular transformation. Experience the pinnacle of automotive excellence with us!