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Engine Building

Engine Building Mastery with Woodward Performance

Journey with us into the world of engine craftsmanship, where every component is intricately refined, every configuration is carefully considered, and each engine tells a story of unparalleled performance.

Custom Engine Consultation

Every vehicle is unique, and so is its heart – the engine. At Woodward Performance, we understand the personalized touch that each engine build requires. Whether you’re seeking the reliable restoration of a classic or envisioning a high-octane performance powerhouse, our team offers consultations tailored to your aspirations.

Stock Engine Rebuilds

Breathing new life into classics and recent models alike, our stock rebuilds ensure that your vehicle retains its authentic roar and spirit

Mustang V8:

From the classics of 1996 to the latest models.

GM Engines:

Specializing in all LS & LT based engines

High-Performance Engine Builds:

Unlock a new realm of power, torque, and responsiveness. Whether you’re preparing for the track or the open road, these engine builds promise exhilaration:

Mustang V8 1996 - 2004:

Coming soon! Stay tuned for a build that transforms legacy powertrains into modern marvels.

Mustang V8 2005 - Current:

Harnessing the potential of modern Mustangs, delivering unrivaled power.

GM (All LS & LT based engines) 1997 - Current:

Tailored solutions that enhance the pedigree of GM's iconic engines.

With a deep-rooted passion for automotive excellence and an unyielding commitment to precision, Woodward Performance is the destination for those who demand nothing but the best for their engines. Join us in the pursuit of vehicular perfection!