Dyno tuning & power upgrade specialists for Ford, GM, and Chrysler performance cars

Step into Woodward Performance’s realm, where legends like Ford, GM, and Chrysler are reborn through masterful dyno tuning. Every roar, every surge of power, is our signature—transmuting every journey into an epic tale of vehicular valor


Power, Precision, Performance

Dyno Tuning

Harness the full potential of your vehicle with our advanced Dyno Tuning services. Dive deep into performance metrics and optimize power output for your Ford, GM, or Chrysler car.

Performance Upgrades

Elevate your driving experience with our wide array of Performance Upgrades. From cold air intakes to turbocharger kits, we offer enhancements that boost speed, power, and responsiveness

Engine Building

Crafted to perfection. Our Engine Building services offer both stock rebuilds and custom performance engine builds, ensuring peak performance tailored to your needs

Drive the Difference. Unleash Ultimate Performance

Drive the Difference. Unleash Ultimate Performance


The Woodward Difference

Specialization Expertise

Deep knowledge in specific car models ensures unparalleled expertise

Dyno Proven Results

Using advanced dynamometer tech, we fine-tune for optimal performance

Passion Driven

More than a business, automotive performance is our lifeblood